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Looking Back... Top 10 Phillies Moments of 2010
Well, it's been an interesting year, and definitely a memorable one, not only for the Phillies, but the entire MLB in general.  Of course, this being a Phillies blog, I'm going to focus on the Phillies.  This year gave the Phillies a lot of thrilling moments, so let's get started.

10. 10/23/10 The Let-down: You may look at this and think I'm crazy, but yes, the day t...
With Reyes Deal Falling Through, Phillies Sign Romero
Well it looks like the Phillies have made another move, "solving" bullpen woes once again.  However, this time it is not the physical-failing Dennys Reyes they have signed, but a familiar face in J.C. Romero.  Romero has played with the Phillies since midway through the '07 season.  The Phillies actually declined his $4.5 million contract option in 2011 earlier this year, so th... (continue)
Oh, the Irony
Today is December 16th 2010.  Exactly one year ago today, the Phillies made the move that seemed to make the single biggest impact on their season.  It was the day that the Phillies completed two separate trades that, in essence exchanged Cliff Lee for Roy Halladay, the pitcher every fan wanted at the deadline.  Of course, these are Phillies fans, so when this de... (continue)
Phillies Big Three is Now a Big Four
Well isn't this just lovely.  No more than two hours or so after I wrote about the wonderful possibility of Cliff Lee returning to Philly (and unfortunately, only about twenty minutes after I went to sleep), Cliff Lee decided to make his return to Philadelphia, agreeing on a signing with the Phils.  Later in the day, the Phillies announced the deal was for five years and $120 million. &n... (continue)
Cliff Lee Back in Philly? Imagine the Possibilites
Earlier tonight, while browsing the internet, I found myself on the Phillies website, reading an article by Todd Zolecki about how apparently, the Phillies now have a legitimate shot at Cliff Lee.  Zolecki goes on to say that the Phillies put out less money than the Yankees or Rangers, but as Cliff has said, he would like to return to Philly.  It also mentioned that the Phillies wan... (continue)
Happy BBA Day Everyone!
Hey everyone!  In case any of you were unaware (which I'mguessing is most of you), today, December 10th 2010, is the first ever BBA(Baseball Bloggers Alliance) day.
  The BBA is a wonderful group of the best baseballbloggers on the internet, about 230 of us, with at least one representing eachteam.  As some of you may have noticed, I voted for many of the annualawards th...
Werth Signs with Nationals. Pure Genius or Plain Stupid?
Earlier today, before the MLB's winter meetings really even started, the Washington Nationals announced that they had signed Jayson Werth to a seven-year, $126 million contract.  Of course, this comes as a surprise to most, as the Red Sox looked to be the favorite in the Jayson Werth sweepstakes.  This move means that the Phillies will now receive high round draft picks fr... (continue)
Werth Declines Arbitration, Leaves Phillies with a Win-Win Situation
Just before the clock struck midnight Tuesday, Jayson Werth decided that arbitration was not for him and declined the offer the Phillies gave him just over a week ago.  The decision was expected and surprised almost nobody in the baseball world.  Had Werth agreed, he would have been given a one year deal, with the dollar amount determined by an arbitrator.

Of course, this brings somewha...